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Producer/Bassist Jeff Eyrich began his career in the early 70’s as an LA studio musician and touring sideman. He played bass and toured with Tim Buckley, Bette Midler, Tanya Tucker and Keith Carradine. His studio credits include Air Supply, Natalie Cole, John Cale, Tanya Tucker, Rick Springfield, and the Surf Punks. Jeff Eyrich’s career as a record producer started in the early 80’s scoring success with his first major label project, A Million Miles Away by the Plimsouls (Geffen). Jeff went on to produce more than 30 major label projects both in the US and Europe including Hard Line by The Blasters, Proof Through the Night by T-Bone Burnett, The Las Vegas Story by Gun Club, Long Gone Dead by Rank & File and Get Outa My Room by Cheech & Chong. In 1995 Jeff moved to New York City to become the US partner in an international music management company called GreenTeam. Though Jeff excelled and garnered much experience working on the corporate side of the music business, his musician’s heart and soul pulled him out of the suit, back onto the bass and back into the producer’s chair. In 1998 Jeff became a full-time member of the NYC-based jazz-pop group Dave’s True Story. He is an in-demand sideman/session musician on the NYC scene. Jeff has most recently produced and played bass on CDs for Dave’s True Story, Lipbone Redding, Kelly Flint, Elza and Bistro Blue, all for BePop Records, an independent record label he co-founded and manages. Recent studio musician recording projects include What’s Up With This Heart? by Julie Corbalis, Modern Day Decay by Linda Draper, 78-79 by Hawkins Bros. (Jeff was the Music Consultant on this one), and Mostly Fine, the new album by Susan Kane, which Jeff also produced.

In 2015 Jeff and Steve Kirkman recorded and released ALECTRO. Jeff and Steve are music vets, musician-producers, session men and fellow sidemen on lots of other people’s gigs. Both share a passion for surf guitars, the spaghetti-western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, Duane Eddy twang, old noisy amplifiers, tube distortion, weird-sounding strange looking guitars, off-brand EFX pedals, antique rhythm boxes, echo-plexes, all influences evident, and tools used in the music that they make. School Of Desire is the record – a set of songs and music the duo wrote, composed, arranged, perform and sing. There are a couple of covers in there and a few friends were invited to sit in. Give ALECTRO a listen. If you like it you can buy School of Desire on Amazon and on iTunes. ALECTRO